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Our Story

Devin Benter is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and the frontman of BORNSILENT, a 90’s-inspired alternative band with a wide range and diverse sound. Devin underwent life-altering events in the spring of 2018, when he suddenly found himself with so much that he wanted to express through music. For the former bass player, it was an entirely new experience producing his own material, which often features primal insights of his trials and adventures.




Studio Session

In BORNSILENT, listeners will hear a rawness with production, something that Devin says “Is a way to express yourself to the max.” BORNSILENT is comprised of Devin’s longtime friend, drummer Nick Seiwert (Midnight Satellites, Kodi Lee), and guitarist Eric Friedman (Erock, Submersed, Creed, Tremonti). The band’s first track, “I Suppose,” was released on April 6, 2022 and Queen Bees Leverage is about to drop in the Fall of 2022.